Mi Clone Note 5s Flash File Logo And LCD Fix Firmware Free

Mi Clone Note 5s Flash File Logo And LCD Fix Firmware Free

Mi Clone Note 5s Flash File Hang And LCD Fix Firmware F Gsm Mamun Ctg

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MT6580_EMMC_LMY47I__8_1_Note 5s_lmkj_2019_12_26_18_48

MT6580_EMMC_LMY47I__8_1_Note 5s_lmkj_2019_12_26_18_48

 Action : Read Firmware.
 Selected 0-By CPU:MT6580
 Exe version: NCKDongle AndroidMTK 2.6.2
 Reinsert phone battery.
 Battery must be charged.
 Phone must be off with battery inside.
 Please insert USB cable now...
 Detected : MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM (Android) (COM29)
 Boot mode: Preloader
 BBCHIP: 6580 0 ca00
 Using Algo 1.
 Phone detected...Please wait
 Sending DA agent, please wait...
 BaseBand CPU :MT6580
 BaseBand CPU Secure Version : FF
 BaseBand CPU Bootloader Version : 01
 EMMC: (29Gb+4096Mb) HYNIX 0x483447316404
 EMMC FW VERSION: 05:00:00:00:00:00:00:00
 EMMC CID: 90014A483447316404 : 00000000000000
 EMMC UA SIZE: 0xe9000000    
 FULL LENGTH: 0xe9c00000       [3.652 GB]
 Detecting high speed port, wait......
 If driver not installed, install high speed port driver.
 If not need high speed port, disable it.
 After repeat opperation.
 Detected : MediaTek DA USB VCOM (Android) (COM34)
 Build ID: LMY47I
 Display ID: l200_txd_d300_note_5s_fw_en_v01

 Version: 8.1
Model: Note 5s
Brand: lmkj
Device: Note 5s

Manufacturer: leimin
 Region: US
 Mediatek Version Release: ALPS.L1.MP6.V2_WEG.L_P73
 FRP partition: /dev/block/platform/mtk-msdc.0/by-name/frp
 IMEI[1]: 355287000842033
 IMEI[2]: 355287000842017
 Dumping Preloader.
 Partition: proinfo
 Partition: nvram
 Partition: protect1
 Partition: protect2
 Partition: seccfg
 Partition: lk
 Partition: boot
 Partition: recovery
 Partition: para
 Partition: logo
 Partition: expdb
 Partition: frp
 Partition: nvdata
 Partition: metadata
 Partition: oemkeystore
 Partition: secro
 Partition: keystore
 Partition: system
 Partition: cache
 Partition: userdata
 Partition: flashinfo
 Start dumping flash, this can take up to 1 hour.......
 Start processing proinfo
 Reading:  BEGIN: 0x80000          - LEN: 0x300000      
 Start processing nvram
 IMEI[1] from NVRAM: 355287000842033
 IMEI[2] from NVRAM: 355287000842017
 Start processing protect1 ......
 Reading:  BEGIN: 0x880000         - LEN: 0xa00000      
 Start processing protect2 ......
 Reading:  BEGIN: 0x1280000        - LEN: 0xa00000      
 Start processing lk
 Start processing boot
 Start processing recovery
 Start processing logo ......
 Start processing frp ......
 Reading:  BEGIN: 0x4fa0000        - LEN: 0x100000      
 Start processing nvdata ......
 Reading:  BEGIN: 0x50a0000        - LEN: 0x2000000     
 Start processing secro  secro.img
 Reading:  BEGIN: 0x9a00000        - LEN: 0x600000      
 Start processing system
 Reading:  BEGIN: 0xa800000        - LEN: 0x5a000000    
 Start processing cache
 Reading:  BEGIN: 0x64800000       - LEN: 0x10000000    
 Start processing userdata
 Reading:  BEGIN: 0x74800000       - LEN: 0x73780000    
 Saved to : C:\Users\Mamun\Documents\Android_MTK\firmware_backup\MT6580_EMMC_LMY47I__8_1_Note 5s_lmkj_2019_12_26_18_48)
 Wait untill phone will start charging.
 [0]All done.

 Version : MT6580__lmkj__Note_5s__Note_5s__8.1__ALPS.L1.MP6.V2_WEG.L_P73

Download File Google Drive Link

Pass: Only 50 Tk

Call 01810293839

 All Done

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